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Eating healthy - Where do I start?

Hey all! Hope everyone is feeling fab today. So I thought I should write about this short topic today about healthy eating and where to start. A lot of people, including myself in the past have struggled to start a new diet and even more to maintain that for the days, weeks, months ahead.  I would recommend starting out with your three basic meals of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Make that one of your main goals today! Nutrition is 80% of the battle and workout is 20%. That's how important nutrition is. For breakfast have something high in protein as your body needs this to repair your muscles. Eggs, Fish, Meat or Tofu and if you don't have the time then get up earlier or opt for a high protein breakfast shake. For lunch you can have some chicken and rice with some salad or even broccoli. Dinner could be fish, steak, chicken? Turn it into a delicious stir fry. This is the very basic but if you would like me to fix up your nutrition then drop me an email and I can help you. 

Someone whose main goal is, for example, to gain muscle mass might start with 6,7,8,or even 9 meals a day. Might seem hard at first, but its not really. I will elaborate now - If you were having seven meals a day and your goal was to gain size, your first meal would be breakfast which would be made fresh. You could have 4-5 eggs(4 whites and 1 whole) along with some lean steak Lorne or oats with full fat milk. About 3 hours later you can have a snack that you can take with you and this could be some crackers, cottage cheese or peanut butter spread on brown bread(yummy!!) add a banana? Lunch could be prepared for 3 days in advance so you have it in a container unless your work canteen have healthy options.  Chicken, rice and broccoli is a good combo and don't be scared to add some flavour, experiment and go wild to give it that delicious flavour. So for example, if you wanted two of your meals in a day to be chicken and rice and you wanted to prep them for the next three days you would buy 1.2kilo of chicken breast and dice them up. Your portion of chicken should be 200grams per meal, depending on your goal so for two meals a day over three days we have...six servings of 200 grams chicken, 1.2kilos altogether as I mentioned before. Once the chicken is cooked pop it on the scales as the cooked weight of the chicken would read less than 1.2 kilo. Divide the cooked weight by the number of containers which is six and then start storing. Easy! just a bit of effort on your part but totally worth it, I promise! The next meal to come would be your pre-gym meal. This could be a protein shake mixed with water or even another chicken and rice which can be  prepped along with lunch for three days in advance. After your intense workout you will down a protein shake along with something that is high in carbohydrates as your body will need this as your glycogen levels are depleted, simple carbs are ok. The 6th meal will be your dinner which you can make fresh, I don't like prepping my dinner but you can if you like. The last meal can be a bowl of porridge and some fresh ice cream, yes I said ICE CREAM!!! It has to be the good stuff. There you go! wasn't that hard now was it?

You have to know what your workout goal is before you decide on your meal plan and dwell into the world of macros, BMR, TDEE. I will cover this in my next post in as much detail as I can so stay tuned and if you have any questions then PLEASE!!! email me and I will be happy to help!

Never give up!!!

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