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I passed my Personal Training Course

Hey everyone! 

Thought i'd make a start on my blogging side of my fitness page. So, I have passed my personal training level 3 course. Yayyy... I am so happy that I finally completed the course and passed with flying colours. After months of studying and years of knowing what I wanted to be, I can finally say, "I am a Personal Trainer!!"

So whats next?

 Well, I am on my quest to get into a well established gym and to hopefully make my mark. I had an interview with one of the gyms in Glasgow City centre yesterday which I think went well. The two gentlemen at the interview were interesting to speak to and really friendly. The gym itself was HUGE and filled with plenty of 'toys'. Fingers crossed ! We will see what happens in the coming days. 

I will keep you all updated on how that that goes